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Matt Hansen







What do you get when you combine the mind of a Cinema junkie, the determination of a Military veteran, and the looks of a model?  Ok maybe not a model, but he does have a very nice voice.  Having lived in nearly every cardinal direction of the United States, Matt carries with him a unique visionary sense.  With a passion for Motorsports that started in his early 20's, Matt is always on the move.

After graduating from the LA Film School, he earned his stripes as everything from a Production Assistant to a 1st AD.  In 2012 he developed his own website, complete with articles and video reviews.  Through this format, he gained experience as both a Director and Executive Producer managing all aspects of producing content.  With his focus now firmly set on Directing and Producing, Matt is looking to team up and form beneficial lasting relationships with both well-established and exciting new Production companies and Creative entrepreneurs.


Matt Hansen, Southern California, Corette Stingray
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